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United Africa for children is a non-profitable, non-governmental and non-political Christian organization founded on biblical principles. Our headquarter office is located in Kenya where the organization has its roots. We believe our collective unity of purpose and love to protect, educate, empower, mentor and disciple children who are grounded in the word of God will restore the lost glory in our children, where children live with freedom of expression and their rights are not violated. We believe that people can unite and bring to an end child trafficking, child molestation and child labor in Africa. We endeavor to empower the care givers, teachers and the church through networking, partnerships and collaboration with all interested parties that share the same dream of Africa in solving the problems affecting the children of Africa.

Education for eradication of poverty is one of our major goals to restore the splendor and pride of the African child. Many children are still unable to access quality education or afford going to school because of poverty, being disabled, orphans, while some suffer from diseases like HIV/AIDS and Cancer which make it difficult to see the brighter future. However we believe with unity of purpose, we will see many children educated and more schools built around Africa to meet the needs of needy children and see a nation that is transformed.


To create solutions for the problems affecting the African child, become their voice and be the body of unity, hope and joy for the African child through the Gospel of Jesus.

  • Spiritual- God
  • Physical- Shelter ,food ,clothes
  • Emotional –child protection
  • Life skills –empowerment


Create a spiritual network of children based on sound biblical principals giving hope, purpose, protection, livelihood and unity of purpose for the redemption of the African child.

Tag Line

Rivers amplifying hope for Africa (RAHA) of Africa

We seek to create spiritual, physical and emotional solutions on issues surrounding the children of Africa through networking. We also seek to bring children ministers and workers from different organizations to create synergy in defending the African children’s rights and create a better environment for the Children’s learning through dynamic programs.

We seek to create spiritual, physical and emotional solutions on issues surrounding the children of Africa through networking and we seek to bring children ministers, workers from different organizations to create synergy in defending the child of Africa rights and creating a better environment for the Childs learning through dynamic programs.

 P— prayerful
 R— responsible
 E— empowered
 S— sensitive
 E-— Excellency
 R-— reliable
 V— virtues
 E—engaged
 D— disciplined

To achieve this God-given mandate that forms the core of the mission and vision of United Africa for Children, we have four main objectives and key pillars.

Become, Grow, Mature

Super kids Africa program is a program designed  is to reach every child, of every tribe, tongue and Nation in Africa with the Good News of Jesus Christ for the future of civilization, the future of the church, the future of the family and the future of a soul-satisfying way of life. This commitment depends on our collective effort to help children discover the magnetic attractions of Jesus Christ and the potential hidden in them.

It acts as a record holder of school moments, church and legendary holder of the best personalities of children which is recognized through Super Kids Awards.

Super Kids Africa is a door way for every child dream and also a platform for the African child to share their talents, gifting, skills and abilities.

Super Kids Africa gives priority in mentoring and discipleship of children and sharing the gospel to children with clarity

We endeavour to uplift the standards of the African child in every capacity in the area of the interest of the child that is in the area of their gifting, talents, skills and abilities

VISION: Empowering children to their full potential and reaching them through the good        news of Jesus


  • Media outreach
  • Mission and outreach
  • Prayer network
  • School of children ministry
  • Super kids Africa awards
  • Kids church
  • Mentorship and discipleship.



Youth in Africa a non-denominational Christian program which cuts across all cultures in Africa in order to reach the young people of Africa? We are committed to provide strong, positive and biblical influences in the lives of teenagers and you. We are an organization that feeds the youth in motivational, inspirational, spiritual messages that unlocks their God-given potential. We host fun–filled life changing events and experiences through seminars, conferences, camps, retreats and life coach trainings. We also facilitate leadership trainings for high schools, universities, churches and many other outdoor learning oriented programs. These programs offer ample opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of life since they are held in a serene and conducive environment. Furthermore, we also focus on mentorship and discipleship in order to establish strong foundations for our young people. Youth in Africa has in a period of two years has spoken to over 15,000 young people and has continued to find opportunities of impacting the youth of this generation positively.

Vision. Helping youth discover their purpose in life, unlock their hidden potential and inspire their passion for God.
Our tag line. Living effective lives.
Mission. Through talents, gifts, mentorship discipleship, and motivation to the young people our aim is to see a people with a difference living effective lives.



The home network of Africa lives to see the orphans, the vulnerable, the HIV affected, the street children, the forgotten children, the illiterate, the children with special needs, these taken advantage of their innocence given a voice and every child of Africa empowered to speak for themself. We hope to see the child of Africa educated and his rights are respected and protected it’s also our heart desire to see child trafficking in Africa, child prostitution, child molestation is abolished by becoming the voice for the children in our society .home network of Africa is committed to give a voice to the voiceless children
To be a voice to enhance full potential to the less fortunate in the African society
To secure the future of Africa through empowering the less fortunate (vulnerable, orphans, street children, the illiterate etc), through our voice and creating a home network that supports the social works in children orphanages and rehabilitations centers to the glory of God.
Quote by Christopher Njoroge Become the voice of the child needs you to expose these monsters who are seeking to destroy the lives of our children.

  • Unite leaders for children agenda solution table.
  • To create a safe, secure environment for the less fortunate.
  • To identify children with special need in the community.
  • Provide education sponsorship for the under privileged children.
  • Fight against child abuse and violence in Africa.
  • Create awareness to children on issues affecting them and promote gender equality.
  • To be a voice for the African child in order to protect and defend the child of Africa.
  • Unite a team of lawyers and advocates in Africa that can defend child rights.
  • Care for the special needs of kids.
  • Fight against child trafficking in Africa and stop child molestation.
  • Create international kids forum where children air their views on issues affecting them.



Volunteer in Africa gives you an exciting experience like no other in your life as you get to give back to the society and play  an important role in helping build up communities In Africa that are  in need and giving meaning to life for many!!! We welcome everyone around the world to give their time to the communities through our programs in Africa in the area of their interest, calling, profession, skills or talents in order to spread the love of Jesus to the children of Africa. We welcome groups, individuals, churches, institutions (schools and universities), families, youths, organizations and others who are looking for opportunities to make a difference in the life of a child and the people of Africa.

We have a variety of volunteer programs that are in line with your passion, your profession such as church ministry, child-care works, HIV/Aids programs, Orphans and Vulnerable Children programs, resource mobilization, sports, counseling and mentorship, internship and attachments, media, missions and outreach, camps and more. The aim is to improve peoples’ lives, develop and empower our people for a purpose driven and meaningful life.

We appreciate and respect our volunteers for the efforts you put in making a difference in the lives of kids in Africa.

For a great experience, life transformation and being challenged by what you get involved in, we provide good orientation, short training which aims at preparing you on what you get involved in and gives you a deeper understanding of different environs, community and people you will get to interact with and lastly to enable you to set goals for the period you will be involved.

We also provide trainings to our volunteers and also to special groups that would want to be involved for a longer period.
Vision: Unite Africa with an aim to eradicate poverty in Africa, promote peace, promote networking, and promote partnerships and collaboration globally to grow Africa by giving opportunity to everyone to serve as an agent of change for the glory of God.
Mission: Create opportunities of service for everyone in order to improve, develop, empower and build the communities of Africa ensuring its people live in freedom, out of poverty giving meaning to life for the less privileged, destitute, the orphans and those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, all for the glory of God.

  • Children homes
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Children clubs in estates
  • Community projects
  • Mission fields
  • Hospitals
  • Aids/HIV programs
  • Other children programs, sports, feeding programs and more


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