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The project is called Care Centre. It is a place of hope and restoration for the orphans, vulnerable children, children at risk who are taken care by their caregivers and volunteer staff. In this place we offer counseling, humanitarian help and coordination of programs within our center and in other counties in Kenya.

Care Centre is a project aimed to give hope to the orphans, the vulnerable and the needy children in Kenya our desire is to see every child receive quality education and proper mentorship and prepare children to face the future with courage and confidence. So many children are still not attending school due to lack of resources like books, pens, school uniforms and even school fees and we believe we can change the world by giving quality education to every child in Africa for those who can’t access it. Children in this state are likely to engage in drugs and substance abuse, engage in crime at an early age.


OUR OBJECTIVES (what happens in the care Centre)

  • To build a community school and help Centre for the orphans and the vulnerable children
  • To provide a feeding program and mentorship for the children in the community
  • To help with distribution of resources from partners around the world to the needy in families in Kenya and Africa
  • To build a resource Centre for the homes and organizations working with orphans and vulnerable children
  • Build schools around Africa that will provide quality education for the needy children


  • There shall be conducted income generating projects (poultry, water, kids store…)
  • Sponsorship from our partner
  • Fundraising
  • Your 100% donation goes to field
  • You dont need to worry about the payment
    you make

Care center school (Super Kids Africa Schools)

With the great need to see children receive quality education and that no child is left out, we trust God to see in each community of Africa where there is poverty and no schools a school established that will not discriminate any child but also providing quality education. We also aim for the school to provide children with a set of spiritual moral values and competent skills.

United Africa for children has a board of directors both in Kenya and international who monitor and make sure that there is a proper management of united Africa for children resources. This volunteer staff committee helps to coordinate operations that go in in United Africa for Children. They include;


Today you can support one child to have quality education by standing with a child for 26 dollars per month. Your support goes straight to the child education with great accountability.

Care center school is a project where we seek to establish a community school that will take care for the needy and bright students from vulnerable families in Africa.


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