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Super Kids Africa charity school project establishes schools in rural and remote locations where no schools are available for children to attend with the goal of providing quality education for each child without any left

We have great faith that God will help us touch all the struggling and vulnerable children within our reach with not only the basic material supplies but also spiritual training and mentorship to help them get their faith firmly rooted in God and to give them a clearvision for their life.

We aim to provide a safe, nourishing, and happy environment where every child is known, valued, and accepted as theybare.


The children we serve come from extremely poor backgrounds where the parents/guardians are often only able to provide food and the very basic necessities and nothing else. Education is seen as a secondary need and this is why we are fighting hard to break this cycle through sponsorship. May the Lord bless you greatly as you consider helping us?


In the sponsorship program, you would be sponsoring an individual child, and 100% of your contribution is exclusively devoted to covering the costs of your sponsored child.

You would get to see a photo and all the information we have about the child prior to sponsoring them.

After sponsoring them you will receive updates about them and your sponsored child will also send you a personal letter at the end of every end school year.

You are also welcome to write them back or send them a card, or a photo – letters from sponsors are a great encouragement to them, they treasure them greatly and they read them over and over. And if you would love to visit and spend time with your sponsored child, this is also possible and welcome, simply contact us and we will help make full arrangements for your visitation

We also welcome and greatly appreciate any monthlyor annual donations you can make to help us with all the administrative work that happens to help us run the operation pay staff, teachers, and other helpers who help us on site to provide care and instruction for the kids.


Our mission is to provide exceptional care for children and build a safe environment where children in the rural, remote, and impoverished areas in our country can receive education and spiritual development.


For only $38 we can cover education and food costs for one child for a whole month

Select your sponsorship length

[ ] Annually $456

[ ] Bi-annually $228 [ ] Quarterly $114

[ ] Monthly $38

Payment methods:


Via bank deposit:

Bank name: Equity Bank Bank branch: Ngong

Bank account name: Super Kids Africa Bank account number: 0730263745556


What does sponsoring a child mean for Super Kids Africa?

A supporter from any country has entered into a supportive relationship with a child in Africa from a poor background and who may be vulnerable (Orphan, HIV/AIDS, children at risk). The supporter helps to equip the child with skills and opportunities by giving financial support towards their education.

How do updates work?

We strive to annually update your child’s information sheet and photo. Your sponsored child will write you a letter at least three times a year. If you would like to send a letter, card, or a photo back to them they would love to receive it.

How will I know my child received my letter or gift?

Each child who receives a gift or a letter will write a thank you note to the sponsor and also the organization will notify you about this. In case there is a major event in the life of the child life we will notify you.

which kind of gift can I send to my sponsored child?

You are welcome to send any gift that would be a blessing to your sponsored child, however, we mostly advise sponsors to consider sending financial gifts for the organization to buy them the gift(s) they desire because this avoids the complications of shipping, tariffs and port taxes which can get complicated on our side. But if you’d like to send a gift directly to them we can arrange for delivery but kindly note you’d need to cover all the delivery costs.

■  Ministry updates

We try to keep the sponsors updated with all the program activities that your sponsored child is involved with. We try to send updates every 2 or 3 months through our sponsorship newsletter.

■  Visitation:

If you would love to visit and spend time with your sponsored child, this is also possible and welcome. There is a special form that we can provide upon request to help facilitate the visit. If you desire to visit simply contact us and we will help make full arrangements for your visitation.

■  Children’s rights:

We seriously uphold and fully abide by children’s rights within our territory and we urge all people to protect children. Sponsors agree to fully abide by all applicable children’s rights.

■  Child privacy.

We require our sponsors to keep children’s information totally private to help abide by children’s rights and to protect the children who might be going through delicate issues that require privacy.

■  When does the child exit from the sponsorship program?

Our age of exit is 22 years where we believe the child has been well equipped with skills to face life and also be independent.

■■ How often is my donation needed for my sponsored child? This depends on the sponsorship

category you selected. [ ] Annually $456

[ ] Bi-annually $228 [ ] Quarterly $114

[ ] Monthly $38

■■ How much does it cost to fully cover educational expenses for one child?

$38 USD per month. This takes care of everything needed to keep the child in school in all the places where there is no free education and it also covers for other needs for the child within the school term.

■  What about child school items sponsorship?

This is done yearly at $60 USD since some children attend free education and the only thing required is school uniforms, shoes, books, bags, and pens. The support is done two times a year. January $30 USD and middle of the year July $30 USD

■  What if I wanted to send my support annually how much would that cost? $430 USD

  • What if I want my sponsored child to be covered with health insurance? That would cost $5 USD

■  What about support for the administration work that keeps this program running?

We fully depend on donors and well-wishers and we encourage free will support or one-time donations of any amount.

■■ What are some of the expenses for the school or sponsorship program?

Administrative costs, calls, internet, stationaries, staff, workers

is there a program the children attend?

Yes, we have a care center where mentorship and discipleship, and much more happen monthly. Super Kids Africa is a non-governmental organization that creates a spiritual network of children based on sound biblical principles, giving hope, purpose, protection, livelihood, and unity of purpose for the redemption of the

■  Does Super Kid’s Africa have other programs?

Yes, Super Kids Africa has other programs that are all centered on reaching the child.

  • Are there opportunities to volunteer? Yes, we have many volunteer opportunities in Super Kids Africa that allow you to serve in your area of interest or For more information write to us at


For more info kindly call/text/email

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Get involved today: Volunteer with us. Sponsor a child’s education. Join us in community projects.

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