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We reach out to Orphans, children from single mothers, children with special needs, HIV aids, and cancer affected children.

It is our goal to see needy children access quality education and to progress in their learning, to break the cycle of poverty in their lives and communities. For each child who is sponsored to go to school, we ensure that they are provided with the books, pens, schoolbags, uniforms, shoes, and socks they need so that they can attend.


What is united Africa for children?

It’s a non-governmental organization that creates a spiritual network of children based on sound biblical principles, giving hope, purpose, protection, livelihood, and unity of purpose for the redemption of the African child through creating solutions for the problems affecting the children of Africa.

What is home network program?

It is a program under united Africa for children that reaches out to the poor, needy and vulnerable children with special needs and those infected with HIV/AIDS Africa.

What does sponsoring a child mean for united Africa for children?

A supporter from any country has entered into a supportive relationship with a child in Africa from a poor background and who is vulnerable (orphan, HIV/AIDS, children at risk). The supporter helps to equip the child with skills and opportunities through giving financial support towards their education or any other for the child’s benefit.


We strive to annually update your child’s information sheet and photo. Your sponsored child will write you a letter at least twice in a year. If you would like to send a letter, card or photo back to them they would love to receive it.

How will I know my child received my letter or gift?

Each child who receives a gift or letter, will write a thank you note to the sponsor and also the organization will let you know. In case of a major event in the child’s life the program will notify you.

Which kind of gift can I send to my sponsored child?

You are welcome to send any gift that will fit or bless your child but you are liable to all the cost that might be incurred. We advise mostly to send finances to buy the desired gift for your child which makes it easy for you as the sponsor.

Ministry updates

Home network child education support program will at least try every two to three months for you to receive updates of the program and what your child is involved in through our sponsorship newsletter.


If you would love to visit and spend time with sponsored child, you are much welcome and proper arrangements can be made for your visitation .There is a special form provided upon request to help us make proper arrangements for you.

Child rights:

We uphold child rights in a very serious manner and we urge all people to protect children. Sponsors have the responsibility to protect and care for the children’s right in all way possible.

Child privacy.

We urge our sponsors to keep children’s information private due to the protection of some of the children who might be going through delicate issues that require privacy which we can always let the sponsor know.

When does the child exit from the sponsorship program?

Our age of exit is 22 years where we believe the child has been well equipped with skills to face life and also be independent.

How often is my donation needed for my sponsored child?

This depends on the categories of the sponsorship one has selected and the need of the child the sponsor is sponsoring.

How much is the standard child general support for a full school sponsorship is required.

30 US DOLLARS MONTHLY. This is able to keep a child in a school where there is no free education and also provide support on other needed support during the school term.

What about child school item sponsorship?

This is done yearly 50 US DOLLARS since some children attend free education and the only thing required is school uniforms, shoes, books, bags, and pens. The support is done two times in a year. January (25 dollars) and middle of the year July (25 dollars)

What about administrations work that keeps this program moving on.

We encourage free will monthly support or a onetime donation.

Is there a program the children attend?

Yes, we have care Centre that runs monthly where children are mentored and discipleship takes place and much more.

Does united Africa for children have other programs?

Yes united Africa for children has other programs that are all centered in reaching the child.

Are there opportunities to volunteer?

Yes we have diverse volunteer programs in united Africa for children that give anyone a chance to volunteer and serve at the area of their interest. For more information write to us

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