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Give a bid to help a child

We reach out to: Total orphans, children at risk, street children, venerable children, children with special needs, infected HIV and AIDS, cancer affected children.

Home Network of Africa is a program of united Africa for children
We are motivated to see that the orphans, the vulnerable, the HIV infected and affected, the street children, the abandoned children, the illiterate, children with special needs, those whose innocence have been taken advantage of, are given a voice and every child of Africa empowered to have a voice.
It’s our ambition to stand united and see to it that the child of Africa is safe, educated, have a secure holistic environment, their rights are not violated, no child is neglected but that every child is living with freedom to smile and knowing God and making him known.
We believe that it is time the society gave full attention to the orphans, the vulnerable, children at risk and together see that the African child is reached effectively. Every child needs a family and it is our desire to see that every child in the streets is given a home. This is however impossible without you and we believe that every single step you take with us will count to achieve this.

To be a voice to enhance full potential to the less fortunate in the African society.
To secure the future of Africa through empowering the less fortunate (vulnerable, orphans, street children, the illiterate etc), through our voice and empowerment.

• Unite leaders for children agenda solution table.
• To create a safe, secure environment for the less fortunate.
• To identify children with special need in the community and give equal rights like other children.
• Provide education sponsorship for the under privileged children.
• Fight against child abuse and violence in Africa.
• Create awareness to children on issues affecting them and promote gender equality.
• To be a voice for the African child in order to protect and defend the child of Africa.
• Unite a team of lawyers and advocates in Africa that can defend child rights.
• Care for the special needs of kids.
• Fight against child trafficking in Africa and stop child molestation.
• Create international kids forum where children air their views on issues affecting them.


• Child labor.
• The under privileged children
• Child trafficking
• Child prostitution
• Rape, molestation or defilement.
• Those affected by HIV/aids and cancer
• The street children
• Those unfairly denied access to education
• The orphans and the vulnerable
• Victims of divorce
• Victims of violence
• Those with various impairments ( the blind, the lame, the deaf)
• Neglected children
• Those affected by poor sanitation.
• Illiterate children
• Children whose rights are being violated
• Early and forced marriages.


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