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To transform and lead children to spiritual maturity.


1. To help Children increase their understanding of God’s word in their early age.
2. To help Children grow in their ability to pray and nurture their spiritual growth.
3. To help Children participate in age appropriate worship experiences.
4. To provide the kids a chance and direction to participate in the ministry in their early age.
5. To help Children develop the ability to show kindness and witness the good news of salvation to their family, friends and neighbors.
6. To establish kids churches around Africa.

How the kid’s church is run.


1. Kid’s worship programs

Kids worship is among the best tools that can be used to nurture children’s spiritual life. It enables them to worship freely, to hear God’s word, pray and serve Him because they are never too young to begin working for Him. So the church leaders will establish a children’s worship program, where young kids are involved.
We will also schedule a balanced kid’s church service as follows:

 Singing,
 Theme and introduction,
 Memory verse,
 Bible story,
 Offering,
 True life application,
 Prayer and conclusion,
 Play games and then draw to a
 Conclusion.
To avoid the main problems in the teaching process of children, the church
will prepare mentors and materials for teaching.

2. Mentors
Mentors play an important role in the nurturing process of kids, so the church has to do its best to have good mentors. Mentors should be those who have a burden to serve children and at the same time be prepared for effective ministry through training and developing good characteristics. The number of mentors will be based on the age groups of children in the church
Training mentors
Mentors will be trained well to enable them to teach the children in a Mature and Systematic way to ensure they are fruitful in their ministry. The training will be offered in a short course, seminars or in an institution. The quantity of mentors will be dependent on the number of children in the church.
3. Teaching materials
The church will be the main organization responsible for the preparation of the Bible teaching materials for children, making them relevant to each age group.

The teaching materials are prepared in the following subjects:

• Fundamental doctrines
• Prayer and spiritual warfare
• Evangelism
• Topical lessons such as: Choosing good friends, guarding your tongue, tithing, forgiveness, helping the poor etc.
• Church history
• Christian values
• Ethics
• Discipline
• Etiquette

4. Teaching
The main way to equip the children for ministry and also to develop them spiritually is through teaching. After the guardians, the church is responsible for nurturing children particularly through reaching them with the gospel of Christ.
Children will be taught according to their age groups (0-3, 4 -6, 7-11, and 12-15)
The church will do its best to teach children diligently and also encourage the Christian community to do so since a loving community will help children to develop in all dimensions of life.
5. Methods of Teaching
The methods of teaching we will mostly use are storytelling, visual aids and object lessons.

1. Story telling helps children to understand the message of the Bible. To make it interesting and easily understandable the mentor has to know the story well and use facial expressions and voice changes.
2. Objects such as an orange, apple, box, scissors or other materials can be used as Teaching methods.
3. Visual aids include pictures and puppets. Pictures can be prepared on paper or on the white/blackboard and finger, stick or glove puppets can be made.
In addition to the above methods, drama, practical activities, verbal activities and songs can also be used as teaching methods.
Practical activities can be filling in missing words, a cross word puzzle and drawing a picture and verbal activities through memory verses and answering questions they are asked. Songs, if possible with a musical instrument, and drama are also good teaching methods.

In general, teaching children will include worship and testimony time, songs, sharing experiences, memory verses, Bible story, questions, discussion and application

1. Super kids club

Discover, Explore, Achieve
The Super Kids Club seeks to empower and equip children in the area of their talents, gifts, skills and abilities through mentorship and discipleship.
Super Kids Club helps the children explore the world of their interest in order to discover and achieve what God purposed for them through the area of their calling.
Children have untapped potential that is yet to be discovered and for them to discover it at their tender age it will set them ready to face the world.
Super Kids Club also empowers the children to make right decisions and choices that would prepare them to face the future with confidence and courage.
Children have been neglected so much in the area of their calling in life since they are looked down upon but it’s through children that God established nations and has deposited the future of the generations
• Music
• Dancing
• Drama
• Poetry/Straight Talk
• Instrument
• Creative Arts
• Sports
• Innovation and Creativeness.

2. pen pals–
Super Kids Pen Pals helps children globally connect with friends. It gives them opportunities to build healthy friendships among the children, helps the children share testimonies pray for each other and much more. This happens every 3 months.


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