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Our programs in volunteer in Africa provide various opportunities for volunteers to serve at their areas of interest in order to reach the children and the people of Africa.
Areas of service include:
• Children homes
• Schools
• Churches
• Rehabilitation centers
• Children clubs in estates
• Community projects
• Mission fields
• Internships and attachments
• Other children programs, sports, feeding programs

Volunteer in church ministries
This gives you an opportunity to grow and experience God personally as you minister in the area of your calling, gifting and talents and where you serve best with fulfillment. One is able to discover his/her area of service and God given inherent purpose of living.

Areas of service include:
• Children ministry
• Youth ministry
• Teens ministry
• Men’s ministry
• Women ministry
• Pastoral ministry
• Outreach and missions

Orphans and vulnerable Children programs
This gives you an opportunity to spread love to the less fortunate and giving them a sense of belonging. This is expressed through your giving, spending time with them, sharing your life with them and assuring them that they are not any different from the rest of the kids. You are able to bring cheer into their lives by sharing so many things with them and this brings blessings into the life we live.

Areas of service include:
• Children homes (orphanages)
• Rehabilitation centers
• Rescue centers
• Street missions
• Trace (this is where you help in tracing homes for those who are lost
• Other special programs HIV Programs, visiting the sick

Volunteer in counseling and mentorship
Our world is full of traumatizing occurrences like deaths, divorce, catastrophes caused by fire, quakes, terrorist attacks, rape or defilement, violence, E.T.C. Where such occurs, victims need someone to talk to, get advice from and seek help from.

Areas of service include:
• Schools
• Children Homes
• During disastrous situations
• Refugee camps
• Rehabilitation centers
• Rescue centers

Volunteer as an intern or an attachment
Many people graduate from high schools, colleges and universities with no concrete experience in their profession and with thirst for opportunities to gain experience and be exposed to different areas in line with their careers and professions. To curb this, we offer internships in various fields of practice.

Areas of Service include:

Social work and community development
Volunteer in resource mobilization: For a growth in our nation we require people and resources, there are many great projects in Africa but which lack resources, many orphanages which lack food to feed the children .We require staff and personnel to help us in mobilization of resources which can also support education for the illiterates and the African child.


As you join in volunteering with us we also want you to have experience of Africa culture Africa and its beauty, tour with us provides a heavenly experience of Africa that gives you satisfaction.

We accord you an opportunity to visit our beautiful countries and experience its beauty such as National parks, lakes, traditional cites with good experience and Educational guide according to your choice, and more.
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Immaculate Taria talks of her experience as an intern/volunteer

Theory learnt in class becomes irrelevant especially if you do not get an opportunity to put it into practice. It is very important as a student to look for a chance to be able to put into practice the lessons learnt in class so that you are able to mature intellectually and be able to deal with different situations.

Volunteer in Africa has given me a good opportunity to gain experience. I have been volunteering in the organization as a social worker. The staff members that I have been working with have been good to me and always willing to direct and guide me in case of any challenges.

It is a place that nurtures my knowledge and skills that I have learnt in class and in this manner I am able to have a holistic growth.

Immaculate Taria

Prisca Kim Khoza talks of her experience as a volunteer from South Africa

Working as a volunteer right from my home area has been a very fruitful experience. I have been able to reach out to kids from Kenya through different programs under Volunteer in Africa without making a physical visit. My main objective is to make a difference in a child’s life since children inspire me in many ways. Super kids Africa is a place to be for those who purpose to give their best to the kids in Africa. It is very easy to offer your services from right where you are and every effort made is well appreciated. Through my prayer and representing the program, i am part of Super Kids Africa and it has blessed my life.

Prisca Kim Khoza


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