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Youth in Africa a non-denominational Christian program that cuts across all cultures in order to reach the young people of Africa. We are committed to provide strong, positive and biblical influence in the lives of teenagers and youth. We provide youth with motivational, inspirational, spiritual messages that unlock their God-given potential. We host fun–filled life changing events and experiences through seminars, conferences, camps, retreats and life coach trainings.  We also facilitate leadership trainings for high schools, universities, churches and many other outdoor learning oriented programs. These programs offer ample opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of life since they are held in a serene and conducive environment. Furthermore, we also focus on mentorship and discipleship in order to establish strong foundations for our young people.

Vision Helping youth discover their purpose in life, unlock their hidden potential and inspire their passion for God.

Mission Create a spiritual network of youth  based on sound biblical principles giving hope,  Purpose, protection, livelihood and unity of purpose for the redemption of the African youth

Our tag line      Living effective lives.



  • Create a conducive environment for young people to talk out issues affecting their lives openly and provide the help needed
  • Creating awareness on the effect of drug and substance abuse on young people
  • Helping young people to step up and be men and women of substance in the society
  • Provide mentorship, counseling and life skills to the youth
  • Promote sexual purity among young people.
  • Missions and outreach


  1. Youth leadership trainings

We empower the youth, leaders and youth on effective youth ministry

We focus on;

  • Key youth ministries
  • Leadership areas that make youth ministry thrive
  • Making strategies and programs
  • Responding biblically to issues that affect youth
  • Active in-reach and outreach ministry
  • Youth mentorship and discipleship
  1. Mentorship and counseling

We provide continuous mentorship for individuals and groups. We also create room for counseling where we listen and give professional counseling to young people on issues affecting their lives.

  1. Training

We train young people and leaders on leadership, and equip them with other key skills to maximize their life and live to their full potential. Our trainings are intensive and are tailored to the needs of the young people.

Trainings we conduct.

  • We train school prefects. Leadership is influence with responsibility. We train school prefects to be effective in the work entrusted to them by the school management and help them strike a balance between their leadership and academics.
  • Christian union leaders. Our passion is to see young people who are passionate about ministry. Christian union leaders are looked upon as a light by the other students and a lot of expectations are placed on them. We equip Christian union leaders on ministry leadership while also showing them how to balance their Christian responsibilities with academics.
  • Youth leaders. We empower and equip youth leaders for effective ministry to the youth. We offer life skills, leadership training, and life coach sessions.
  1. School of youth missions and outreach. We empower the youth on missions and outreaches for the youth. We equip and give a great practical experience.
  2. Life coach and mentorship program. We train and coach young people on discovering their purpose, potential and passion in life.
  3. Teens outreach. This is a program that provides mentorship to teenagers and prepares them to face the future. It also focuses providing education and psychosocial support for teen the teen mothers.

Youth and teens events

We facilitate; inspirational, motivation and spiritual talks in weekend challenges, camps and conferences, team building activities, retreats, and open forums.


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