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Youth in Africa a non-denominational Christian program that cuts across all cultures in Africa in order to reach the young people of Africa. We are committed to providing strong, positive, and biblical influences in the lives of teenagers and you. We are an organization that feeds the youth in motivational, inspirational, spiritual messages that unlocks their God-given potential.

We host fun-filled life-changing events and experiences through seminars, conferences, camps, retreats, and life coach trainings. We also facilitate leadership trainings for high schools, universities, churches and many other outdoor learning-oriented programs. These programs offer ample opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of life since they are held in a serene and conducive environment.
Furthermore, we also focus on mentorship and discipleship in order to establish strong foundations for our young people. Youth in Africa has in a period of two years has spoken to over 15,000 young people and has continued to find opportunities of impacting the youth of this generation positively.
Youth are the future leaders and without mentorship and opportunities their energy would be wasted, its our duty to rice and empower them to face the future with courage and with the right tools.

Our tag line. Living effective lives.

Vision. Helping youth discover their purpose in life, unlock their hidden potential and inspire their passion for God.

Mission. Through talents, gifts, mentorship discipleship, and motivation to the young people our aim is to see a people with a difference living effective lives.

• P— prayerful
• R— responsible
• E— empowered
• S— sensitive
• E-— excellent
• R-— reliable
• V— virtuous
• E—engaged
• D— disciplined

• Creating a conducive environment for young people to talk about issues affecting their lives openly in order to provide the help needed.
• Creating awareness on the effect of drug and substance abuse.
• Helping young people to step up and be men and women of substance to society.
• Provide mentorship, counseling and life skills to the youth.
• Promote sexual purity among young people.
• Open forums for young people to discuss life issues and together look for solutions.
• To motivate young people to live a life of purpose.
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